about myself

I am Md. Rayhanur Rahaman Rubel, a full-stack web developer, passionate about building excellent software that improves the lifestyle of people around us and make things easy. I always try to deeply analyze the problems faced by the people and try to solve them in the smartest way so that the life becomes very easy. I always try to do something extra ordinary and try to build softwares which can solve the problems faced by the people in their daily life in the smartest way. I want to contribute to the nation by providing smart digital solution to the people of the nation.

I was born in Kurigram, Bangladesh and grew up in Panchagarh, Thakurgaon and Dinajpur as my father is a govt. employee and our family has to live in various places due to his job.

I have completed my SSC from Birganj Pilot Govt. High School, Birganj, Dinajpur with GPA 4.88

I have completed my HSC from Birganj Govt College, Birganj, Dinajpur with GPA 5.00

I have completed my B.Sc(Engineering) in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) from Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Dinajpur.

D o w n l o a d M y R e s u m e

Here are a few technologies I've been working with:

  • PHP - 6 years(Expert Level)
  • MySQL - 6 years(Expert Level)
  • JavaScript - 5 years(Expert Level)
  • jQuery - 5 years(Expert Level)
  • AngularJS - 2 years(Mid Level)
  • Bootstrap - 3 years(Expert Level)
  • JSON
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • Java - 1 year(Mid Level)

Here are the frameworks I've worked with:

  • Magento 1.9 - 3 years(Expert Level)
  • Slim Microframework - 2 years(Expert Level)
  • Wordpress - 1 year(Mid Level)
  • Laravel - 6 months(Beginner Level)

After quiting my first job(magento & wordpres) I did not wanted to bind myself within any framework. I always prefer raw coding more than any heavy framework. I know how frameworks are made, how they work, how any MVC serves. I can built my own MVC. Allhumdulillah, I have succeded to built a complete, big and fully production level ERP without any help of a heavy framework.

Backend packages I've worked with:

  • Illuminate Eloquent
  • PHP-view
  • Respect Validation
  • CSRF

Frontend packages I've worked with:

  • AdminLTE
  • DataTables
  • jQuery UI
  • ChartJS
  • iCheck
  • Select2
  • Easy Autocomplete

Server Configueation & Maintainance

I have experience of web server configuration. RetaDesk(running on production) is hosted on a dedicated Ubuntu Server and the server computer is fully configured by me.

Despise that I also have knowledge of DNS, FTP, SMTP server configuration knowledge and experience on Red Hat Linux(Learnt at my BSc)

Operating Systems I am familiar with:

  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Ubuntu
  • Red Hat Linux
  • Ubuntu Server

UI, Graphics and Media

I was always interested to graphics design. Photoshop & Illustrator are always my favourite. I had to do all my graphics design by my sellf after I quit Valobazar. Even before that I have done so many graphics works for my university. The knowledge of graphics design helped me a lot for UI design. I can maintain the UI standard of all the interfaces and layouts of softwares I develop.

I hope you may feel it while exploring all my projects.

I also have experience of video editing as I had to prepare videos of/for some programs arranged by organizations at my university while I was in first year.

Me as a Full-Stack Software Engineer

As a full stack sofware engineer I have to do all the things from concept design, layout design, database design, backend and frontend coding to quality testing. As a full-stack developer I have performed best while developing RetaDesk. I had to collect all the nacessary information and data, design the conpect of the software and then design the various layouts of the software. After the layouts of a particular system is ready, then I started coding.

I have a very strong knowledge and experties on Database. RetaDesk currently has more than 80 tables for storing various data of a retail business. The whole database is made by me from sketch. I use both raw SQL and ORM for working with database. I can work easily with complex queries for fetching data from different tables, no matter how many tables there are and how complex the relations are. I think this is the best part of my knowledge on database. RetaDesk is full of complex queries which made the system extremely fast by removing a huge pressure from the web server. You know, no ORM can perform better than raw complex queries while working with relational data from multiple large tables based on multiple conditions and relation.

A concept design of RetaDesk

A layout sketch of RetaDesk

Final Output Of the Payment System of RetaDesk

A snapshot of code for Backend

A snapshot of code for Frontend

Me as a Trainer

I have a good experience as a trainer. I have taken several courses, workshops and seminars on my university and at my office.

When I was in Valobazar, I have conducted multiple courses on Magento 1.9 development and operation. The whole team who worked there were trained by me. There were more than 15 people who got training from me.

I have taken some courses on PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and basic web designing for my juniors of my university. Some of these courses were of more than 15 days.

I have also taken some workshops and seminars on web development and career on web sector at my university.

My Other Small Projects

I have some other small projects which I have not mentioned in "My Works". Here is a list of small projects that I have done in my career:

  • 1. Matrimony/Matchmaking website: This was a social networking project and the very first project of my career. This is the project by which I started learning and working with PHP and MySQL.
  • 2. JAVA Based Inventory Management System: This was my first and only JAVA project which I have done for my academic course. The project had the fundamental needs for managing the inventory and sales by a small shop. I had scored the best on that course for that project.
  • 3. PHP Based Business Management System in Bangla: This was my first business or inventory management system which I developed for one of my relative and still now he is using this software for managing the informations of his business. The software was in Bangla so that any people could easily use it without any good knowledge of using computerized system. The project was based on raw PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Jquery.

Job History

I do not have much organizational job experience as I have been graduated very recently. All the job experience I have are of my student life. All the works I have done were along with my study.

Team Leader and CTO

Valobazar eNet Technologies, Dinajpur

Valobazar eNet Technologies was a local startup founded by Md. Altab Hossain Raju, Ph.D, China. He was then doing his Ph.D in China on E-commerce. I Provided all kinds of technical support to him and we formed this startup. Here we have worked on Magento 1.9 and developed a Multi-Vendor Online Marketplace. We have also developed Cnpinyin.com from this startup.

Full Stack, Self Employeed

RetaDesk(My own startup), Dinajpur

RetaDesk is my own startup and obviously my dream project. I worked for it like a one man army. RetaDesk is basically a Retail ERP system specially developed for the computer retail business of bangladesh. RetaDesk is a production level software and is capable of compete with any other ERP available on the market for retail business. I have future plan to integrate e-commerce with the ERP and to provide centralized solution for all the customers of the retail shops.

Contact Me

If you need any help from me or need any information from/about me then please feel free to contact me. I will always be there to assist you.

+88 017-23858781