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I am passionate about building excellent software that improves the lifestyle of people around us and make things easy. I always try to deeply analyze the problems faced by the people and try to solve them in the smartest way so that the life becomes very easy. I always try to do something extra ordinary and try to build softwares which can solve the problems faced by the people in their daily life in the smartest way. I want to contribute to the nation by providing the smartest digital solution to the people of the nation.

Tell me a problem for which you want a smart digital solution. No matter how complex it is, In-Sha-Allah I will be there for providing you the best software solution.

M o r e I n f o R e s u m e

My Works

Here is the collection of works that I have done till now.

RetaDesk An Advanced Retail Business Management System(ERP)

RetaDesk is an ERP system specially made for computer retail business completely following the retail business strategy of bangladesh. It is a highly advanced ERP system which can compete with any other ERP softwares available on the market for Computer Retail Business. It is not a development project of mine but is a complete "Production Level Software" made me.

The software contains each and every features that may be needed by a computer retail business. There are features like-
inventory with serial and non-serial product management, suppliers management, purchase and supplier payment, purchase return, sales, all possible payment management(including POS, bkash, rocket, cash, cheque), a complete Due Management system(a brand new concept succesfully implemented), sales return(including full and partial return for both paid and due invoice), a completely new way of Customers Management(including ledger for all customer), Collection management(with due, payment, advance collection), RMA and Servicing Center Management(successfully implemented an innovative idea for these two sectors), accounts management(with bank accounts and cheque processing), expenditure, salary and loan(for employees) management, users management with user role and access permission for all the features, highly advanced reporting system sob all possible needs and so on.

Believe it or not, RetaDesk is totally developed with raw coding and is developed by single hand. It was my dream project and I by myself made this software in two years with my hard work.

Retadesk is developed with Slim micro-framework, JavaScript, jQuery and AngularJS. I have avoided all complete frameworks to make the system extremely fast and to avoid all the complexities of the well known framerks. I had 4 years of experience of advanced Magento development and so I knew how the enterprise level software works and how the big systems are developed. That experience helped me a lot and I succesfully managed to design the whole system architecture and develop it. There are currently 80 tables in the database of RetaDesk and it is increasing day by day with the implementation of new features. The MVC system of it is also designed by me.

RetaDesk is not only an advanced ERP but also a very user-friendly software. To make the system as the best user-friendly system available to the retailers I had to put most of my efforts on the frontend to make the functionalities of software as easy as possible. You can not make any mistake in the system because the system will never let you. I had a huge amount of QC and took feedback for each and every features from the users and resolved all possible issues. The problem analyzing is so deep here. I have workd such scenarios which have less than 1% possibilities to appear so the system is highly stable.

To know how RetaDesk is performing you may feel free to call Mr. Russel Ahmed, Owner of Silicon Computer, a reknowned computer retail shop of north bengal(Dinajpur) at +8801707780202. He was involved from the begining of the development process and helped me a lot by providing all nacessary informations on computer retail business strategy followed in Bangladesh and the need of the retailers. The software is being used in his shop from December, 2018 and he is the first truly completely digitalized computer retail shop owner of the country.

eLeave System in HSTU Teachers Online Leave Management System for HSTU

eLeave System in HSTU was my final year project at my university.

In every university teachers take short or long leave for higher education or other purposes. In our university the leave management system is manual. From application submission to approval, all the tasks are handled manually in this manual system. In this system all persons involving the system have to suffer a lot to complete the whole process. It is also very time consuming. There is no proper tracking in this manual system. If the system becomes digital then a huge amount of sufferings can be reduced and both the teachers and the administrative bodies can easily complete the processes. Considering the problems and complexity of this manual system we have proposed a digital solution by developing a software called “Teachers’ Online Leave Management System for HSTU”.

It is web based software created as my final year project for Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of HSTU. The purpose of this project is to design and implement a web based leave management system which will be able to provide a complete support to the teachers and administrative bodies of HSTU for managing the whole process of leave management in the easiest and smartest way. The system will also track each and every activity to complete the whole process and real-time updates will be provided to the users.
There are six modules in this software containing various features. They are:
1) Main Admin Module
2) Administrative User Module
3) Academic User Module
4) Application Module
5) Application Forwarding Module
6) Office Order Module

eLeave is not a very big project. It is a small project but contains all features needed to manage the whole leave management process. I have developed eLeave system in just three weeks. One week for collecting all the data and designing the system architecture and two week for coding.

eLeave is also developed with Slim micro-framework, JavaScript, jQuery and AngularJS.

Click Here to learn more about the eLeave system.

Valobazar.com Multi Vendor Online Marketplace built with Magento 1.9

Valobazar.com was my first professional project and I started it at that time when very few people of Bangladesh knew about Magento. I have started to learn magento on 2014. I was the first mangento developer of my university. I have learnt magento customization, module building and modifying modules by self learning and then I formed a team and trained them. I have worked on magento 1.9 for more than three years and become a advanced level mangento developer. There was nothing on magento 1.9 which was beyond my ability to modify.

Valobazar.com is a complete online marketplace. It is the product of my three years of hard work and a combined effort of two years of a highly dedicated team consisted of young developers of my university.
Valobazar.com has all the features that a multi vendor marketplace needs. I with my team have implemented a lot of features in magento and modified it a lot to make it a real online marketplace. More than 60% of the core development and customization is done by myself and the rest is the team effort.

Behind the story:

Valobazar.com was a startup of one of my departmental senior who was living in China. He told me the idea of building a marketplace like JD.com and Taobao.com(two famous online marketplace of China). Then I started learning magento with the very little recources available at that time and then started the development. We formed a team with the best programmers of our university. There was also a well decorated office for the team. I have trained the team and lead the team throughout the development process. It took three years of my own effort and two years of the team's effor to complete the online marketplace- valobazar.com.
But unfortunately after completing the whole system the founder of the startup did not continued it but stopped the office. It was our dream project, specially mine, but it ended up with nothing. He did not even took the website live. It was a very hard time for all the team members. The team broke up but I continued my own works in my way. The result is the RetaDesk.

As the main website in no longer live now so as being the co-founder of the startup I had to make it live using the backup of the original one on which I was working. Here you can see the online marketplace that we built.

Cnpinyin.com Smart Chinese Pinyin Teacher(Chinese e-learning system)

Cnpinyin.com is a e-learning website developed by the same team who developed the Valobazar.com
The website was developed while Valobazar.com was finalizing.
The website is a award wining website containing various features for easily learning Chinese Language. It is a meadia file based system developed with wordpress.
There are many types of works done in this syatem. I have contributed to the media file system like- creating words with letters, sentences with words voices, delivering medias in a secured way so that the media files are not downloadable. I have also contributed to design the architecture and helped the team for fixing various problems and issues throughout the development process.

Click Here to visit the website.

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